Conference Events

The conference is conceived to be a temporary learning organization, or system, that is made up of subsystems, and is set within the larger systems surrounding the conference.  In this way, the events of the conference are embedded within and serve as a microcosm of larger organizations, systems, and societies in the world and are subject to the same level of complexity, uncertainty, change and ambiguity.


The conference is organized as a series of events that provide opportunities to learn through the examination of experience in a variety of social contexts. Each event is considered to be a subsystem within the conference-as-a-whole. The events begin and end promptly at the times designated. A schedule will be provided at registration.


Conference events include:

Opening and Closing Plenaries
Here and Now Small and Large Study Groups
Institutional Event
Systems Navigation and Satellite Maps
Network of Dreams and Associations
Application Group

This conference is endorsed by the A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Social Systems  and sponsored by: 

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